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Networks Encompass Technologies / Encompass Electrical - Electrical - Data - Phone - CCTV - Alarms - TV - Wangaratta   Encompass Technologies has the expertise to install standard or wireless  networks to best suit our customers requirements and budget. These  networks include ADSL routers, printers, cameras and more.  Once a wireless router or switch has been chosen, we can install and  program the system for peak efficiency.  There are a number of household items that can affect the operation of a  wireless network including cordless phones, microwaves, building  materials and other wireless networks. With this in mind we conduct local  interference tests to evaluate the existing environment. Once completed  we can advise you as to the most appropriate action required to achieve a  reliable wireless network.  We can also supply and install structured data cabling systems (fixed  wiring) to existing or new installations.  Encompass Technologies recommends the installation of UPS  (Uninterruptable Power System) and Surge Protection devices when  installation home networking systems. These devices will protect your  computer systems from power failures and surges which can lead to the  loss of information or hardware failure.        Encompass Electrical 0458 772 227